Kite – Jill Kind

Thank you for your interest in RRRRCOM.

Interested applicants must have 2 sponsors from the club, be a member of good standing with the AKC, and agree to adhere to the RRCUS and RRRRCOM code of ethics. We would like to encourage you to attend one of our monthly meetings where you can meet club members and find out about our future events.

Please fill out the Membership application and review the RRRRCOM Code of Ethics

Member Perks:

    • Access to knowledgeable ridgeback breeders and mentors.
  • Club discounts at fun day events and matches
  • Free in-service events
Modjo and Kiko – Mona Moorman

Memberships are to be renewed each year in March. Current members can use our online form and PayPal link for renewal. Our membership form is also still available for those that would rather mail their renewal and payments to the club secretary. Any member not paid by June 1st are considered to be lapse of membership.

Here is a link to become a member of RRCUS – The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States.

RRCUS Membership Benefits include:
1. Access to RRCUS mentors and education.
2. Subscription to the Tidgeback, Club magazine
3. Top Club Awards Placement Recognition and Access to Club Programs
for more information visit the RRCUS Home page